Summer Loving Blog Tour

June 28, 2020

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Hello! So happy you stopped by! Welcome to the SUMMER LOVING BLOG TOUR with my fellow Anaiah Press authors running from June 22 – July 2. Find out more about our blogging crew here. If you missed a post you can catch up by visiting the main page.  TBH, I've got some catching up to do myself and I'm pretty excited about "binging through the blogs" before it's over.  

A common question I am asked as an author is how I come up with and develop the characters in my novels. In the case of my "I Am Girl" book collection, I started with a common struggle shared by middle grade girls. (No shortage of material there!)  Once I pick a few conflicts, I use my adult 20/20 hindsight perspective to develop a strong female protagonist who faces them head on and develops virtue along the way.  So, each "I Am Girl" book highlights a particular virtue.  

Developing characters is my favorite part of writing. As a little girl I used to flip through the Sears or JcPenney catalogs and create a family by cutting out the clothing models. I'd paste them on paper, give them names, and write a story about their lives. (I know, what kid does that? Content for hours with a Sears catalog?)  

As I prepared for this blog tour, I thought it would be fun to talk about YOUR character traits. Since I'm a writer, I wrote this quiz, and had a ton of fun doing it. So, don't take it too, terribly seriously. But, do take it cuz aren't personality quizzes always kinda fun? Leave me a comment with your best character trait and tell me if you think it's true. 

QUIZ: What's Your Best Character Trait?
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Thanks for stopping by, I 'm so glad you did.