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Thanks for stopping by! If you're looking for virtue-rich, adventurous "I Am Girl" novels for

your middle grader, you've come to the right place.

My debut novel, CARABELLE, was the first book in my growing "I Am Girl" collection, centered around the virtue of forgiveness. My second book, VIOLET, an adventure that spotlights the virtue of honesty, released in April 2020. And my "work in progress", entitled, LAYLA is dealing with justice.

The inspiration for "I Am Girl" books grew out of years of mentoring middle grade girls in Christian ministry. I love their open minds, hearts, and souls. I wanted to write engaging books that might encourage faith and virtue to take shape within that openness.

I live in Mississippi with my husband, where we raised our three grown children.



An I Am Girl Novel 

    Twelve-year-old Carabelle can’t wait to spend the summer with her best friend, Gracie, swimming all day and watching movies all night. While Carabelle’s single mom works, the pair of BFFs dive into their adventures. But when a tragic accident tears Carabelle from her home and everyone she loves, she no longer knows where she belongs.

      Carabelle finds herself trapped in a foster home with the school bully, Drake Duff, and becomes a prisoner to her own bitterness and anger. The only thing that can set her free is the power of forgiveness. And the only way to find it is by exploring some hard, painful truths that will tie her to Drake forever.


An I Am Girl Novel


    Thirteen-year-old Violet Windsor is obsessed with the rush and thrill of skateboarding through a dangerous, gang-ridden part of New York City. Certain that her high-society parents wouldn’t approve of the rough-and-tumble sport or the sketchy neighborhood, she and her best friend, Sloane, hide her secret adventures in a thick veil of lies. 

    When Violet’s autistic, non-verbal brother, Oliver, begins drawing pictures that reveal a mysterious knowledge of her secrets, Violet is rattled to the core. Intrigued by clues in Oliver’s drawings, she follows them down a reckless path toward redemption and truth.

Calling all creative kids!  Submit a spooky Halloween short story or poem and you'll get a chance to win a $20 gift card, publication of your writing right here in my Lil' Bloggies section, and ebook copies of both of my books.  Entering is easy! Just email me at lichtenhan1@gmail.com and attach your story or poem no later than 11:30pm on Friday, October 29th.  Winner will be chosen on Halloween day. 

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to reading your work! 


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Kids under fifteen years old, submit a work of fiction, non-fiction, a short article or poetry and you might be the next “I Am Girl” Lil’ Bloggies contest winner! One submission will be chosen for my blog post every month. The winner will receive a free signed copy of Carabelle, the first in the “I Am Girl” book collection, and the winning submission will be posted here on this website.

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Congratulations to our newest winner, Alicia Chavez, a 10-year-old from Mississippi. She is a member of St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic church in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. She attends the 3D school for dyslexia. She lives with her mom, dad, and brother.

Click here to read Alicia's blog post.

Keep up the great writing, Alicia!


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