Christmas Writing Contest Winner! 

Holly Tuang Tuang


December 27, 2021

The Little Fairy   by Holly Tuang Tuang (age 11)

    Once upon a time there was a little fairy whose name was Iridescent Sparkle and she loved playing in Fairy Village where she lived. It was a calm and peaceful place filled with love, joy and Christmas Spirit.

She was in her house playing with toys a few days before Christmas, when she heard her mother on the phone.     
    “Yes, what?!  This can’t be happening.”

    Iridescent hid behind a corner listening to the conversation.

    “Okay, well, what do you want me to do about it?” her Mom asked to the person on the phone. 

    “Oh, I see, well I’ll have to talk about this with my husband, good bye.”  Mom put the phone down and stood there for a while.

    Iridescent was puzzled by what was going on so she came out of the corner she was hiding in and walked in the kitchen. 

    “Mom, who was that on the phone?” Iridescent asked.

    “Oh, that was the mayor of Fairy Village” answered Mom.

    “What did he want from you?”

    “He wanted everyone in Fairy Village to evacuate,” answered Mom.

    “What?” Exclaimed Iridescent. “Why?”

    “Because there is an evil wizard trying to destroy the village and stop Christmas from coming,” said Mom.

    “He can’t do that,” said Iridescent. “I’ll defend the house, I’ll do anything to stop him.”  

    “There’s no way you can. He’s too powerful,” said Mom.“What am I going to do?” 

    During dinner time, Iridescent’s father came home. “I heard the news,” said Dad. “Where’s Iridescent?”

    “Upstairs in her room. I told her the whole thing and she flipped out,” answered Mom.

    “Well,” said Dad, “I suppose you should talk her out of it and say that’s just how it’s gonna go.”

    “Okay, I’ll give it a try,” said Mom.

    Meanwhile, Dad changed out of his work clothes. Mom went upstairs to tell Iridescent it’s time for dinner.

    “Time for dinner, sweetie. And about what happened earlier. Everything will be fine,” said Mom.

    “Okay” said Iridescent.

    Mom went back downstairs to put everybody’s bowls on the table. Iridescent and Dad seated themselves.

    “So, Iridescent how did your day go?” asked Dad.

    “Terrible” answered Iridescent.

    “Well, think of all the fun things we could explore out in the country” said Dad. He explained a plan.

    After listening, Iridescent asked, “Are you sure about this, Dad?  I mean, we’re leaving everything we’ve known.”

    “That’s not true” said Dad. “We’re not leaving everything.” Dad pointed to the whole family.

    “Okay, I guess you’re right, Dad.” said Iridescent.

    “Good, now let’s eat” said Dad.

    After everybody ate, they packed their bags and headed to the door.

    “Good bye forever,” said Iridescent sadly.

    “Not forever,” said Mom. “The mayor will fix everybody’s home once the wizard has left.”

    “Okay, Mom” said Iridescent.

    They flew away to the Northern Mountains and made camp.

    “So when do you think the wizard will go away?” asked Iridescent.

    “I don’t know, honey,” answered Mom.

    After dinner, everybody brushed their teeth and rolled out their sleeping bags.

    “Goodnight Mom, Goodnight Dad,” said Iridescent.

    “Goodnight sweetie,” said Mom and Dad.

    “Goodbye Mom and Dad,” whispered Iridescent, and she flew off to find the wizard.

    She faced many challenges as she flew out of the Northern Mountains and back to Fairy Village.  As she flew through the forest, a shadow crept next to her and began to make Iridescent feel very down and unsure of what she was doing.

    Suddenly, a scripture her grandma taught her came to her mind and she spoke it out loud, “It is the Lord, your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you.”

    As she spoke the scripture, the shadow faded away.

    Iridescent felt stronger than ever and was determined to reach the wizard before Christmas Day.

    Iridescent decided she cannot do this quest alone.  She must find help.

    She flew into the town called Heavenly Angel Village and met with three angels named Angelica, Roses and Shimmer.

     “Who are you” asked Angelica.

    “My name is Iridescent Sparkle and I have come to ask for help.  My Village is being taken over by the evil wizard and I could really use your help,” said Iridescent.

    “We would be glad to help you.  Show us the way to your Village and we will work together on a plan,” said Angelica.

    Iridescent showed the way and when they arrived they could see the wizard tearing down houses.

    “I’ve been expecting you,” said the wizard.

    “Why are you trying to destroy this village?” asked Shimmer.

    “I can feel the Christmas Spirit in this Village and I don’t like it.  I plan to turn this village into a factory that makes scepters.”

    As the wizard explained his plan he deceivingly cast a spell that only affected Iridescent. It made her confused and forgetful of her plan.  The wizard thought it affected both the angels and Iridescent but the angels weren’t affected.

    As the wizard continued to do this, Iridescent asked, “Where are we, and what are we doing?”

    The angels remind her, but they whispered so the wizard couldn’t hear them.

    Shimmer reminded Iridescent of the plan to take down the Wizard. “We must spin around the wizard, creating a whirlwind. Iridescent you must grab the scepter away and Roses will then turn all of the magic in it into a rose rain!”

    Off the angels and Iridescent went, spinning around the wizard.  Dust got into the wizard’s eyes and Iridescent quickly grabbed the scepter while Roses turned all of its powers into a rain of roses.

    The wizard yelled, “No! My scepter!”

    The angels stopped the whirlwind and Iridescent threw the scepter.

    “Aha!” said the wizard.  “Now, I shall turn you all into stone!”

    As the wizard pointed his scepter towards them, rose petals begin to fall.

    “What?  Why is this happening?” asked the wizard.

    As the rose petals fell on the wizard he began to feel different.  “I feel strange.  Why, I no longer want to destroy this village,” said the wizard.

    The angels and Iridescent yelled in happiness and began to sing, “Joy to the world! The Lord is come!”

    The angels and mayor stayed to clean up the village while Iridescent went back to the Northern Mountains to bring her family back home.

    Her Mom flew towards her and gave her a big hug. “Why did you fly away sweetheart?”

    “Because I had to try and save our village.  I met some very kind angels along the way and they were a great big help.”

    Iridescent and her family flew back home and noticed that the wizard was still there and he was helping clean up the village.

    “Thank you all very much for helping me see just how wonderful Christmas can be,” said the wizard.

 They all smiled and came together at town square for a big feast and celebration.  Iridescent was very thankful for the wonderful angels’ help and to be back home with her family.